Buffalo Clan

Many a times we always get people asking, “why is your hotel called Hoima Buffalo Hotel?”
It is not by accident that Hoima Buffalo Hotel was named so. The name comes from the rich cultural heritage of the Banyoro which is based on the culture of Clans and Totems and in this case, we are talking about the ABAFUMAMBOGO clan whose totem is the African Buffalo which is the symbol of the Buffalo Clan. 

The founder, entrepreneur and owner of Hoima Buffalo Hotel identifies himself with the Buffalo Clan to which he is proud to belong and this is exhibited in his desire to call this wonderful establishment Hoima Buffalo Hotel.
In Bunyoro, clans are a major aspect in binding society together .Clans are totemic in nature, meaning they have something attached to them as a symbol and this could be a plant, a stone and in the case of the Buffalo clan an animal. Clans are patriarchal in nature; meaning that descent is traced from the father.

Usually, people of the same clan throughout the whole kingdom are grouped into what is called oruganda which means a relation of people of the same clan. These people take themselves as brothers and sisters, as they believe that they have the same ancestors to the extent that they do not marry within their clan but they cooperate with each other in both times of joy like marriage ceremonies and in sorrow like burial and also help each other out of problems and difficulties.It is on this strong foundation of culture and heritage that the hotel was named Hoima Buffalo Hotel. The strength of a Buffalo is in you.