Bunyoro Tourism

Tourism to a large extent considered as the business and practice of touring, attracting, accommodating and entertaining tourists. The level at which tourism is done may be either domestic or international.

Hoima Buffalo Hotel is keen on extending its support and taking part in all or any tourism activities that may aim at promoting and creating awareness of all the tourism potentials of the entire sub region for as long as such activities in turn promote the culture and heritage, the tourism industry and attracts investors to the region.

Hoima Buffalo Hotel is proud to be the host and one of the sponsors of the final crowning of Miss Tourism Bunyoro beauty pageant on the 23rd of July 2022. This competition involves showcasing 8 female participants from the 8 districts of Bunyoro Sub region and it seeks to create tourism awareness in the region both domestically and internationally. It is meant to attract tourism investment in the region and promote culture and heritage of Bunyoro.