Farm Shop

Farm Shop

Our farm shop features a Butcher which not only offers fresh meat but also also markets sausages and edible organ meats of the animals. The meat varieties include Goat meat, Beef, Chicken meat and Pork. We put emphasis on Halal practices.
It is equipped with an industrial-type refrigerator for storing the meat and a refrigerated counter for the display of the different cuts and also has a table for cutting with multiple knives available to the butcher.
It is no secret that whoever wants to buy meat will want to buy it from a trusted, hygienic and professional butcher.

We have a cold truck service for fresh meat deliveries to ensure that the meat is always fresh and well preserved.

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1. BEEF STEAK- 18000 per Kg
2. OX-OFFALS- 9000 per kg
3. OX-TAIL- 15000 per kg
4. LEGS- 7000 p/c
5. BEEF SAUSAGE- 14000 per kg
6. LIVER- 16000 per kg
7. MINCED MEAT- 13000 per kg
8. GOAT MEAT- 15000 per kg

1. RINDLESS PORK- 14500 per kg
2. PORK WITH RIND 14000 per kg
3. PORK SAUSAGE- 14000 per kg

• WHOLE DRESSED CHICKEN – 13000 per kg