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Hoima Buffalo Hotel is a unique place in the heart of the Hoima oil City. The perfect place to rest after a long day full of activity. Comfy rooms and installations with all necessary hotel amenities. Situate in the middle of town you will still have a perfect rest.

Also known as HB Hotel, Hoima Buffalo Hotel is located in the heart of the Hoima Oil City, and is an iconic and lively hotel. It is conveniently located in Hoima’s central business district not too far from some of the historical sites of Bunyoro such as the Royal Tombs and the Bunyoro Kings Palace, overlooking the Rwampanga Hills. Once you enter Hoima Buffalo hotel you sense a special intimate atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Its theme has been passionately chosen to represent the cultural heritage of the area which is based on clan and totem particularly the Buffalo Clan. Each room of this hotel deserves a visit as it offers a wide range of intimate and refined experiences built on a theme of culture, nature and bliss. The special charm and the cozy mood of Hoima Buffalo Hotel will make you feel relaxed, comfortable, pampered and secure during your travel and stay in Hoima. The strength is in you.

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Why Choose Us

Hoima Buffalo Hotel is the number one destination in Hoima. A must visit place where you will find a connection to culture. You will enjoy Hoima in lots of different and unique ways but Hoima Buffalo Hotel will be one of them.

HB hotel as it is normally called has luxurious accommodations and great facilities for a perfect stay.The property is wide and spacious guaranteeing that you are able to just relax and enjoy Hoima to its fullest. You will find everything necessary to enjoy a perfect stay in Hoima in one place. Great rooms with various amenities, amazing food at our restaurants, perfect entertainment at our sports bar and swimming pool, you will be able to relax at our health club spa, gym, sauna and steam bath after a long day or take a deep dive in our fancy swimming pool to take the age off. Hoima Buffalo Hotel is definitely a hotel like no other in Hoima.